Paula's Purses Plus

Crocheted treasures like grandma used to make.

1. Question: How long will it take for my order to be delivered?
    Answer: The average order is sent out within1 week. I will keep in contact with you regarding progress. Volume of orders also dictates shipping time. First come, first serve.

2. Question: What is the shipping price of my order?
    Answer: Shipping is always FREE at Paulas Purses Plus

3. Question: I have a special request order, its too hard to explain in email. How can I talk to you about my order?
    Answer: Call me at (605) 721-8829. If I dont answer, leave a message and I will call you back.

4. Question: How do I know my Bikini or Rally top will fit?
    Answer: Tops fit the average size woman. The bustier a woman is the less it covers. Please specify your bra size when ordering if you are a size A or over size 40 dd to ensure proper fitting.

5. Question: Do you make matching items for mother and daughter, or grandmother?
    Answer: Yes I do! I love making matching hobo bags, slippers and hats for families.

6. Question: Do you have a FaceBook page?
    Answer: Yes, Paulas Purses Plus 

7. Question: Do you crochet the U.S. Flag for Fund Raisers/Silent Auctions?
    Answer: Yes, with a 6 month advance notice. This includes the cost of the yarn, shipping and $200 for labor. Verification of Fund Raiser or Silent Auction must be confirmed & verified. 

8. Question: Why are hand made crocheted items more expensive then store bought crocheted items?
    Answer: Hand made items take hours to make. Store bought items are made with machines.